Green Meadow Manor

Mmmm!  This blog smells like fresh paint.  A fresh new space, waiting to be filled.  I’m ready to paint this picture with my words.

I’d like to take this moment to welcome you to Green Meadow Manor.  You all know me from Interiors By Kenz.  I love DIY blogging.  It is my passion!  But lately, I’ve been wanting to blog about more than just painting furniture and other home improvements.  Life.  I want to keep the content of IBK focused, so I’ve decided to write a companion blog to spill the thoughts in my mind into my corner of the internet.

I love to cook!  And I want to share favorite recipes.
I love music!  And I want to share songs and bands.
I love adventures!  And I want to tell you my secrets.
I love my past!  And I want to tell my story.
I love my future!  And I want to record my goals.

Aaron and I have named our home Green Meadow Manor.  We feel like our home is the set where our story is being written.  Let the story continue!


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