September Can Stay Forever

I have never met a person who didn’t enjoy the month of September.  September sets a change of pace from summer.  It opens the door to the excitement of fall.

crunchy leafs
hot drinks
spicy smells
The Greek Festival
my birthday
Utah State Fair 
drives up the canyon

I have always felt like my whole year revolved around September.  Probably because it does.  On a beautiful, crisp Wednesday September morning I took my first look at the world.  And I must have liked what I saw.

Green Day got it all wrong (as they usually do).  Wake me up when September begins!

4 thoughts on “September Can Stay Forever”

  1. when I find a new blog that I like (actually, I found your DIY blog through Steph! [sandpaperandglue]), I tend to go back to the beginning because I like stories. so I’m commenting on this because 1. my birthday is in September too, so it’s obviously my favorite. 2. the list you made is every wonderful thing about fall. and 3. I can’t wait for fall to come back around now!

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