All I Wanted For My Birthday…

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I turned 10 24 this year.  My last year of enjoying the “low twenties,” and all I wanted was an NES Nintendo.

Aaron didn’t want to buy me a machine that was breaking down (even though I WANTED IT!).  Our SNES is wearing out big time (we use it every Sunday), so he decided to kill two birds with one stone and buy this: A duo SNES/NES player.  Which is still pretty cool.  We can play both original NES cartridges and Super Nintendo games from the same machine. We like our retro video games, ok?  There’s someone for everyone.

But I’m not totally childish, because I also got another machine.  My first grown up sewing machine!  It came at just the right time.  I was using my mum’s old machine, which was older than I, and it just burnt out.  It gave up the ghost mid hem.  So now I have one of my own, that hopefully I can pass to my adult child and call it an “antique” one day.  I can now sew the curtains for our basement!  RAH RAH RAH!  I can also sew all the pillows for the nook under the stairs.  This is cause to celebrate.  Projects can now come to an end because of this little birthday present.

Here is my mum’s old clunker, passed to me.  It put out good steam in its life.  RIP lil Ken.

Old Sewing Machine

My new baby Sing:

Singer Sewing Machine

I can’t wait to take it out of the box!

Singer Sewing Machine

So I thank you all!  Mostly my great husband and terrific parents.  Thanks mom, for birthing me.  I’m sure that was extra hard.  You did a good job pushing!  And dad, thanks for eating pizza while mum pushed.  You both are the business!


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  1. OMG, I just found your blog and Pinterest today and have been oogling and drooling over everything since! But to find out we share a birthday? Well then, don’t mind me as I settle in over here in the corner. I don’t promise to be quiet either.

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