Loving you the most

You may or may not know this, so I’m going to tell you: I love my wife. She’s means the world to me. She is everything I could ever hope to have. She’s the anchor in my life, without whom I’d be aimlessly drifting about.

Mekenzie, I’m talking to you now.

You know those nights when I’m freezing because you like to make our house an Ice chest? Yeah, I love those nights. I love them because I have an excuse to snuggle extra close to you for warmth.

I love when you go out of your way for me. Like when you get up with Indy every morning so I don’t have to. I know it’s hard for you, but you do it anyway. That’s how I know you love me.

I love you because you recognize my talents and want me to expand them. You don’t let me settle and you always push me to be better.

Remember when I asked you to marry me using a web site? Thanks for saying yes!

One of my favorite things about you is that you are good at EVERYTHING you try. Another favorite thing is that you took up blogging so that we would have a common hobby. Last favorite thing of this paragraph: That you’re now a better blogger than me 😛

I love that you make me laugh every single day. I love that you can’t keep a smile off your face when I’m laughing.

You’re amazing. You’re wonderful. I hope you have a happy birthday Kenz!

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