Rice Crispy Sushi

I hate real live sushi.  I can’t stand rice IN things.  Beds of rice, awesome.  Rice in burritos, not awesome.  But you can hardly count Rice Crispies as rice, so we’re good.  This is a sushi I can stomach.  Mostly because it’s CANDY!

Rice Crispy Sushi

Please excuse the cell phone quality of this photo.  I know… the sushi is sloppy.  It hardly had the form of sushi.  But you get the idea right?  We were in a hurry to get ourselves and our sushi out the door.  I feel like I could have made these look a lot cuter if I spent more time building them.  Regardless, they were delicious and adorbs.

We followed the standard Rice Crispy Treat Recipe (6 cups crispies, 1 bag marshmallows, and some butter)

Then I buttered my hands up real good, grabbed a ball of the treats, put either a Swedish Fish in the middle or a Sour Rips.  Wrapped it with a Fruit Roll Up, and flattened it out a little.  I made this, start to finish, in 15 minutes.  (I know the magic secrets to melting marshmallows like a champion.)  Boom.  Sushi for Kenz & children.

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