You Don’t Need Children To Be A Mom

In August we decided to let 3 of our best friends move into the basement.

1- We love them.
2- They needed places to live.
3- We wanted to put their rent money towards our adoption fund.

Many people advised against it.  They said it would be a strain on our marriage.  They said it would ruin our friendships with them.  They said it would be horrible.  They were wrong.

It has not been perfect.  No family is.  Life will never be perfect.  So throw that expectation out.  The living situation has made an amazing impact to my life.

1- My love for them has grown.  They aren’t just my friends, they are my family.
2- A void in my heart has been filled.  We now have a “family” in our home.
3- We throw away less food.  Left overs get eaten.
4- I have MORE help around the house.  The dishes get done more, the house stays cleaner, I have extra hands to help moving heavy things.
5- I am happier.
6- We have consistently held Family Home Evening (something we have never done).
7- I love having “noise” in the house.  It makes me happy that their friends like coming over.
8- They are willing to help with the puppies.

Something happened to me that I did not expect to happen.  I feel like I have turned into a mother to adult children.

I worry myself sick when it’s 3:30 am and they’re still not home.  (Not mad, worried)
I feel distraught when they don’t come home.
I genuinely care about how their day was, and I want to hear about it.
I want to know who their friends are.
My heart aches when I see them going through their hard trials.
I get so sad when they don’t live up to their potential.
I want to do everything I can to help them make good decisions.
I want them to be happy.
I never judge them.  Ever.
I can’t describe my joy when they come into our bedroom and night and sit at the foot of our bed and tell us all about everything.
I feel blessed with inspiration when they ask for advice.
I always get happy when they stay home for dinner.
I genuinely love their company.
Sometimes I do annoying “mom things.”
-Like, play music really loud on Sunday mornings when they are sleeping in.
-Like, make them do “crafts” with me.
-Like, make them pose for pictures.
-Like, “Tell me when you’re going to be home!”
-Like, if they’re not home by that time, text them and say “are you on your way?”
-Like, institute Sunday Sundae!

I would like to publicly apologize to my mum and dad for the stress I caused them, especially as an adult.   

So do I regret letting Addi, Matt and Karl move into our basement?  Absolutely not.

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