Hi, We’re new

Cheesecake Factory
Food was good, but the highlight will always be Cheesecake

Rather, I’M new.

Kenz and I decided last week that Tuesday every week we would have date night. Tonight was that night. We had planned for the past couple of days to go to the Cheesecake factory because we love Cheesecake and neither of us have ever been.

On a whim though, we decided to invite our friends to come. It was still a date night though, right? Well, dinner was fun. We ate good food, and had even better cheesecake. After dinner the plan was to come home and watch Moorise Kingdom. We saw it in theaters and LOVED it.Moonrise Kingdom Poster

First though, we had to go BUY it at FYE. In the process though we ended up with all 3 “Chronicles of Narnia” movies ( Kenz’s pick ), “Live Free, Die Hard” ( my pick ), and Moonrise Kingdom. Oh, and I got a Diet coke.

When we got home we invited our friends to watch with us, so they did. And then I broke the cardinal rule of Date night: I got my laptop out and started coding during the movie. You see, I was really excited because today I wrote a WordPress plugin and it was accepted into the plugin directory. I wanted to get everything ready and push the plugin live into the directory. It was a mistake because eventually Kenz got tired of waiting for me to be done and decided she was going upstairs to work on her blog.

That’s when I realized: I’m new. We’re still trying to get into the swing of a regular date night and making it the number one priority. Of course my wife is already really good at it (isn’t that how it usually works guys? We’re always playing catch up), so really I should say I’M still trying to get used to it.

I guess the moral of the story though, is that making date night a regular part of your routine with your spouse isn’t easy, but it’s important. It helps to ensure that the romance is kept burning, and ensures that you at least get a chance once a week to talk one on one.

I love my wife more than I could ever express in a blog post. She’s the center of my world, and everything else revolves around her. I love you Mekenzie. Try again next week?

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