2012 for the Crowders

In January, we were getting used to having a puppy… Indy was a Christmas present.  I had never had a dog in my entire life up to this point.  I was like Pocahontas in an Apple store.

Puppy for Christmas

We spent Valentines the way any lovers should… using power tools.  Power Tools for Valentines day
March’s Highlight: Shopping the Final Going Out Of Business Sale at The Furniture Warehouse on Road Redwood.Furniture Warehouse on Road Redwood
April was a special month of us.  We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at Lava Hot Springs.  And we were cute the entire time.  First Wedding Anniversary
Later that month, we were able to get sealed.  If you know anything about my past, it’s a big deal.

Married in the temple
In May, we got a new car.  It happens to be the love child of Kermit the Frog & The Brave Little Toaster.

Green Scion XB
In June, July, and August, I almost died with how busy work was.  Each month was record-breaking, and it all started with June.  Apparently Hong and I were “graceful.”  If screaming at your computer is graceful… okay.

work is hard
At the end of the summer, we became Landlords.  Addi, Matt, and Karl moved into the basement.  It has turned our lives into a mash up of How I Met Your Mother and Friends.  I wouldn’t change it, at all.

In the fall, Buster joined our family.  Indy really needed a brother.  I know how stupidly cliche this sounds, but they are BEST friends.  They are never apart now.  It breaks their hearts when you separate them in different rooms.

2nd dogWe had a slammin’ Halloween party.
Mario Luigi family costumes
he dogs definitely got sucked into the magic of Christmas.
Christmas Time
It has been such a great year.  I’m so excited for the surprises that 2013 brings.  Hopefully we don’t get lame and/or boring.   That would suck.


2 thoughts on “2012 for the Crowders”

  1. What a great year! I love your two little furry children! I’m jealous! So happy I got to see you and Aaron sealed! <3 Love you two! Congrats on being fabulous! You are amazing!

  2. Oh Shalynn, I love you. I’m so glad you & Beige were there for our sealing. Sorry I told you the wrong date the first time. Whoops. You have had a big year too! I’m so happy you guys got a brand new house! I am still dying to see it. xo

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