Gluten Free “Mac & Cheese”

So it’s not exactly “macaroni” and cheese.  But it tasted like the goodness of the first day of summer.  And it was only 200 calories.

gluten free mac and cheese, 200 calorie dinner

I cooked 100 calories worth of cauliflower, which was a decent amount (as you can see in the bowl).  Then I poured one serving of Double Cheese Ragu sauce over it, and mixed it all together.  One serving is 1/4 c, and it was plenty to cover my noodles cauliflower.  One serving of Ragu is only 100 calories.


All Ragu sauces are gluten free!  WP_001377

Which makes me feel like this:




6 thoughts on “Gluten Free “Mac & Cheese””

  1. that looks delicious! I made a GF mac and cheese a couple weeks ago (with GF pasta and real cheese) but it was just way too rich for me to handle. I’ll have to try the Ragu and cauliflower because I LOVELOVELOVE mac and cheese! 🙂

  2. Hey there Miss Paigetopus 🙂 I should try your GF mac and cheese recipe. Did you use Shirataki Noodles? I need to try them. They’re super high in fiber. The sucky thing about my diet, it I can’t have ALL gluten free things. I also have to have sugar free things, and no potatoes or rice. But I’m following your blog now. I’m excited to see more of the things you post on how you deal with eating GF.

  3. okay! the pasta I used is brown rice pasta, made by Lundberg. I got it at safeway in the GF section of the store (which is really just a very small portion of shelving). It’s 190 calories per serving, and has 40g of carbs.

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