Life In The Current

I have a feeling that life never slows down.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Dietary restrictions: gluten free, grain/starch free, and sugar free.
Absolutely no meal or snack skipping.
This takes an insane amount of planning.  I have to wake up earlier to make breakfasts, snacks & lunch for when I’m at work.  Dinners are an adventure.  Not everyone in the house is as enthused about this meal plan.  So I’m usually cooking for myself, or two dinners.  Grocery shopping takes more effort.  I spend more time on the internet finding new recipes so I’m not eating the same 2 things all the time.  Treats are also important.  I can’t go through the drive through and get a shake, or pick up a box of oreos.  I have to make everything from scratch when I want a treat, which takes a lot of time and planning.  Who has Xanthan gum just sitting around?

Not only does this take a lot of physical effort on my part, it takes a significant amount of mental effort.  It’s hard to stay motivated.  I’m proud to say I have not cheated once.  Mostly because if I cheat, I would get violently ill.  But still, it takes a toll on me.  I can’t have the things I once loved.  Or if I want them, it’s going to take 3 days to get it (find a gf/sf recipe, go buy the ingredients, then make it).  Or when we go out to eat, I have to research the restaurant to see what I can/can’t eat.  Or when we go to friends’ houses for dinner, I usually need to pack my own food.  It’s tough.  Really really tough.  But I’ve lost 16 lbs so far, and my lady bits are healing and getting better.  And that is the most important.  Maybe we’ll have a little Crowder of our own. 🙂  And all this will have been worth it!

Remember when I said I had absolutely no motivation to exercise?  Well I’m happy to report that motivation is in full swing.  We’ve made a small goal to exercise a minimum of 15 minutes every night, rain or shine, no matter how tired we are.  We ALWAYS have 15 mins.  Even if it is walking the dogs.  And it’s been great.  My heart feels happier.

Being healthy is a lot of effort.  But making it a habit makes it easier.

Next up, Interiors By Kenz.  Running a DIY blog is SO much work.  I’ve cut back to only 3 posts a week, which has been good.  But dang.  It’s tough sometimes.  I love it though.  January averaged over 2000 page views a day, resulting in 62,000+ total page views for the month.  I’m trying to get up the gumption to build a media kit so I can start receiving more sponsorship.  The blog is currently in a top secret redesign, which I’m jumping up and down about.  But a lot more is going into branding than I realized.  I’m grateful for the people helping me.

Orchestra.  I’ve been playing in the symphony this year.  It is that one thing that I look forward to each week.  It’s early on Saturday mornings, and not being able to sleep in blows, but it’s worth it.  My mind gets a great exercise during rehearsal.  It’s my “me” time. It’s the one thing I do solely for me.  It doesn’t benefit anyone but me.  When I play the violin, I feel like I’m speaking another language.  I am expressing a side of me that English words can’t say.  It’s great.

Work is really good.  I’ve been promoted to Corporate Compliance Manager.  It’s a lot of responsibility.  But I love it.  I’ve been able to conduct training and team building with my department.  I am learning so much about being a leader and listening to the dreams and wishes of who I serve.

Church is wonderful.  I love being the primary pianist.  We have an AMAZING chorister.  She is bursting with creativity and fun.  We have such a good time doing music time with those precious children.  I love playing the piano but it kills my wrist due to the carpel tunnel issues.  Hopefully my surgeon gives me the green light on the surgery soon.  Then I’ll be able to play the whole hour straight with no issue.

Indy & Buster.  Buster is doing really well, but Indy is having a hard time.  I am positive he has seasonal depression.  He wants to go outside all the time and play.  But it’s so cold and snowy, I can’t let them stay out for too long.  Whenever they come inside from going potty, he sits at the back door and cries and cries and cries.  And there’s nothing I can do to make him stop.  It breaks my heart.  He gets bored playing inside.  Walks aren’t long enough.  The worst part is, he doesn’t sleep through the night.  He wakes up about 4 times in the night, and just cries.  Aaron sleeps through it, so I just sit with him and keep him company, and try to get him to go back to sleep.  But it’s sad.  I want him to be happy again.  Anyone have any tips on doggy depression?

Green Meadow Manor.  There has been a slight amount of drama between the basement dwellers.  But that was to be expected, right?  I feel like “Mom” more than ever right now.  Heart-to-heart conversations are happening on a regular basis.  I’m so proud of each of them, and want to see them succeed and be happy.  They each have really unique struggles.  Things aren’t bad at all.  They are just having a hard time getting along for different reasons.  If this isn’t parenting practice, I don’t know what is.

Aaron.  He is so supportive.  He has been doing side work coding a site for a book author.  I’m so proud of him and his skills.  He handles stress so well.  He is completely supportive of my restrictions.  I was craving cake so bad this week, and he went to three different stores to get the ingredients for a gluten free/sugar free cake.  (Not one store had them all.)  He takes such good care of me.  He also does all the laundry while I work on my online school classes.  He never complains about it either.  He doesn’t get enough recognition from me.  I couldn’t do life without him.

5 thoughts on “Life In The Current”

  1. I feel your pain with the food stuff, as you know! researching restaurants can be frustrating, especially when you’re not in the mood to plan. I’ve been eating a lot of sushi since it’s GF, but of course it has rice in it. I made Steph’s PB cookies this weekend and they were SO tasty, way easy and a super hit, so I highly recommend you try them out with a sugar alternative! the best part about them is there’s no flour and xanthan gum to worry about (and yes, I do have that laying about :))

    1. I made her cookies too! I used Truvia instead of sugar. They are SOO good. I’ve actually made them twice now. Everyone loves them. I’m so grateful there aren’t weird ingredients in them.

  2. Awe Kenz! Love you so much! Glad you are feeling better! You sound happy! I was so happy to have you over the other weekend! Keep being awesome! You’re such an inspiration! I’m sad Indy is sad. Maybe you should get one of those giant heat lamps so he can play outside! Haha! Penny plays outside all winter! She loves it too! She has lots of fur to keep her warm! I’m so happy you found such a treasure to be your other half! <3 Love you!

  3. Shalynn! I love your guts. I loved coming over to your beautiful house. We need to definitely do more dinners. You and B are great company. Penny is so cute. I love her!

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