The Disneyland Chronicles: 1991

Chronicles of Disneyland


The Intro

Aaron and I are going on a Disneyland trip next month, and it’s ALL we can talk about.  It’s like the season leading up to Christmas.

Some people think it’s odd that children-less adults love Disneyland so much.

When my mom and dad were dating, they would hang out at my mom’s house, and my dad fell in love with her rad Greek family.  He loved how every conversation would turn into a reminiscent session.  “Remember the time when we were on vacation in Yellow Stone and…”  “Remember how lost we got in…”  “Remember how we had to all squish around in the back seat of the car on our way to…”  “Remember when we could sprinkle water on Grandpa’s head from the back seat and he thought there was a leak in the roof of the car?”  My mom’s family didn’t have a lot of money.  It made a major impression on my dad at how important vacations are, and that you don’t need to spend a fortune to create memories.  My dad knew that he wanted to make those memories with my mom and his future family.

My dad went to Disneyland the year it opened, in 1955.  And he remembers it.  From then on, it has held a special spot in his heart.

My mom and dad were on a strict budget when I was young.  We didn’t go to Disneyland each year.  But we did go on some kind of vacation each year, even if it was just a camping trip.  And when we DID go to Disneyland, it was SO special.

I thought a fun activity would be write a tribute to each Disneyland adventure, and what specific stories happened each time.

October 1991

My first Disneyland trip was when I was 3 years old.  October 1991.  My Grandma Pulos felt inspired to have the entire extended family go to Disneyland together.  (Four months later, she would learn she had terminal cancer.)

All my cousins were there (except Kyle… he wasn’t born).  And even though I was only 4, I remember so much of that vacation.

Family Disneyland 1991

For me, Disneyland is the place where the only memories of Grandma Faye I have live.  (There she is on the left.  Seeing all her grandchildren in Disneyland was her dream come true.)

Family Disneyland 1991

Look at that adorable child cuddled in my mom’s arms.  No wonder I’m everyone’s favorite 🙂  I also love Emily and Gina’s fanny packs and socks.  I love the 90’s so hard.

Disneyland Chronicles

See that Jiminy Cricket doll I am cuddling so good?  Grandma Faye gave each of us grandkids $10 that we could spend on a souvenir.  Jiminy was my pick.  I still have it, to this day.

When I saw Pinocchio, I was SO EXCITED to show him.

Family Disneyland 1991Until he tried to (teasingly) STEAL HIM!  And it scarred me for life in regards to mascots.  I hate them.  I don’t trust anyone whose face I cannot see.  Thanks a lot Pinocchio.  Get off me

Family Disneyland 1991Trying to “comfort” me.  You do NOT steal a 4 year old’s prized possession and expect them not to flip, mmk?

Emily, Gina, my cousins Angel & Samantha and Me… not quite sure of “Daisy.”  …Mascots. *shudder*

Family Disneyland 1991I love seeing this picture of Grandma Faye and all my Aunts on the Storybook Cruis

Family Disneyland 1991Again, not thrilled with all the mascot busines

Family Disneyland 1991But put me on a Tea Cup, and it’s a whole other story

Family Disneyland 1991And Dumbo.  Riding Dumbo with Daddy was a Disneyland staple from this point forward.

Family Disneyland 1991Dad and his girls… and their fanny packs.

Family Disneyland 1991


Family Disneyland 1991

TLDR: This is the trip where I learned to hate mascots.

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