The Disneyland Chronicles: 1993

Chronicles of Disneyland


In October 1993 we rented a passenger van and drove to D-land.  I was 5.  Grandpa and his new wife Janet came with.  So did Emily’s best friend, our next door neighbor, Faith.

I was going through a phase of my life where I was attached like glue to what is referred to as “Kenz’s Sucky Blanky.”

That’s what I called it “Sucky Blanky.”  I would suck my thumb and rub my face with a corner of the blanket… which was really a workhorse wash rag.  My dad packed a dozen of them, in anticipation of many getting lost on this trip.  Please note how many pictures “Sucky Blanky” is featured in.

The drive was great.  I listened to the Joshua Tree on repeat on my discman… the whole entire drive.  (Sucky Blanky #1)  And this is when I decided I loved Bono.

Disneyland 1993

Staying at a condo on the beach became a tradition in 1991, so we started staying in the same unit every year.  I love that my mom is tanning… with a sweatshirt on 🙂Disneyland 1993

My patient dad let us bury him in the sand.  The man has a ticket straight to Heaven.

Disneyland 1993

One of the most memorable experiences of this trip was Faith barfing in the ocean.  It happened shortly after this picture was taken.  Janet is smiling, I’m trying to show Emily and Faith my sea shells… and they are ignoring me.  It serves them right to get hit in the face with a wave of salt water and sea weed.Disneyland 1993

A very fanny family.  (Sucky Blanky #2)

Disneyland 1993

Emily, Gina, Faith, Me: Splash Mountain style.

“The final plunge of Splash Mountain sends guests 45 mph down a 52 foot drop at a 47 degree angle.”
-Little Known Facts About Well Known Places: Disneyland pg 149Disneyland 1993


Disneyland 1993

Same Tea Cup, different day.Disneyland 1993

Because it’s my favorite.

“The attraction most responsible for causing park guests to lose their lunch is the Mad Tea Party.”
-Little Known Facts About Well Known Places: Disneyland pg 125Disneyland 1993

Into the Asylum.Disneyland 1993

Out of the Asylum.  (Sucky Blanky #4)Disneyland 1993

The family that fanny packs together stays together. (Sucky Blanky #5)Disneyland 1993

Still not liking have my picture taken with characters.Disneyland 1993Yep, still hate it. (Sucky Blanky alert)

Disneyland 1993

You know what they say… never get between a girl and her wash rag.Disneyland 1993



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