Last week I made a discovery.  How it took me this long, I’ll never know.  PBS Kids’ Arthur is on Netflix.  Helllllllllo, Childhood!  And I say HEY!



Every day after school, there would be 2 episodes of Arthur on, back to back.  I’d watch it, faithfully, then go outside and have my own childhood adventures.

I was so excited to start watching Arthur again in my spare time.  But as an adult, I have new feelings when watching the aardvark and his friends.

It makes me SO excited to be a mom.  Weird?  Yeah.  Arthur makes me baby hungry…  How embarrassing.  But all I can think about is how much that is the EXACT childhood I want my kids to have.

Turns out, Arthur is a pretty solid show, even as an adult.  It has won 6 Emmys.

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Arthur has a really good, and normal life.  A best friend.  An obnoxious sister.  Good parents.  A normal house.  A dog.  A tough teacher.  A tree house.  He has all the normal struggles a kid should have.  Nightmares about forgetting to wear pants.  Overdue library books.  Getting embarrassed.  Likes comics and TV, and playing soccer.  Has the most wild imagination.  And it’s exactly what I want for my kid.



What has happened to me?!  I’m blaming the hormones.
… just wait til my post on The Magic School Bus…

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