Half Baked

Hey there Banana what’s it like inside my tummy…
Well Evelyn,
We know you’re a girl.  Guess what little thing?  We are HALF WAY DONE.  Today, we’re 20 weeks.  Does that mean we can start counting down?  You and I have had quite the adventure in the past little while.

You make me pretty sick.  And I would be SO mad about it if I didn’t love you so much.  But I love you, and I’d do anything for you.

You make me have really hard cramps.  You make me throw up every single morning.  That ends for most people after the first trimester, but we’re still going strong on the nausea front.  Lately you’ve made me throw up blood.  Everyone was really scared about that.  But you’re still healthy inside there.  So everyone can deal with me being sick as long as you’re good.  That’s how much people love you!  But it’s made it really hard for me to work.  We’re really blessed, Ev.  People love you and me so much.  I was scared to make some changes, but the whole world I know has been so supportive.  When the doctor said I needed to slow down, and I told my day job, I thought they would be really frustrated with me.  Instead, they just held me while I cried, and gave me so much support.  They let me come home to take care of us, even though you’re not here yet.  They said it was okay to work from home if I wanted, but no pressure.  Most people aren’t that nice.  And they gave us a bunch of presents so we wouldn’t get bored while resting.  Wasn’t that nice?  It was really nice.  I love them.  The rest has really helped both of us get healthier.  You are stronger now.

Mom is trying to be a better blogger, so she can help provide for you.  We’re slowly getting there.  Before you came into our lives, I booked a trip to a blogger conference.  I decided to still go, even though I’ve been sick.  You did pretty good.  We had a couple tough moments, but over all you were on your best behavior.  My favorite part was the flight home from Atlanta.  You moved the WHOLE TIME.  You love flying just as much as your mommy.  Maybe you’ll be an aviator too.  But only if you want 🙂  I won’t force you.  I promise 🙂

Your daddy loves you so much.  Every night he hugs and holds my tummy and talks to you.  He always asks how your day has been and how you’re doing.  He tells you you’re beautiful.  And he usually tells you a joke.  And you love it.  You move almost every night when he talks to you.

And we are finally bumping.  Thanks for being so cute, Evelyn Faye.

Love mum

baby bump

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  1. Awe Kenz! This made me cry! I’m so HAPPY for you, but I’m sorry you are having such a hard time! What can I do for you? Love you so much & your adorable bump!

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