The Longest Christmas Season

Dear Evelyn,

It’s Christmas time.  The whole world is abuzz with shopping, gift giving, baking cookies, ugly sweater parties, family parties, work parties, spending money, making sure the perfect decorations are in place- inside and out.  Busy, busy, busy.

Christmas time has been a little different for me this year.  It started back in April, when we knew you were coming, and due to arrive on Christmas.  Instead of my world revolving around Christmas preparations, it began to revolve around you.  It began to revolve more around Daddy.  And I realized that this was the season to celebrate the creation of our family.

And the more I thought about it, the more I connected to mother Mary.  Not that I put myself in the same regard as her.  But we had the same pregnancy timeline.  And “Christmas” for her wasn’t an over-commercialized event to count down to.  It was a time to bring the Savior of the World to this Earth to save us all.  My pregnancy with you has not been easy in the slightest.  And neither was Mary’s.  How can I even compare the two??  She had to give birth in a pile of straw, in a stable, with no medicine.  Mine has been a walk in the park comparably.

This year everyone has seemed to give me a “pass card” with doing neighbor gifts, and other festivities.  Everyone says “don’t worry!  Just rest.  You just get this baby here.”  But I’m afraid this feeling of extra joy I’ve felt this year will melt away in the future of other Christmases.  It’s my hope that each year, YOU my precious daughter, will remind us to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ, and the love of our family.

I love you, miracle baby.

Christmas mama

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