My oh my, ONE MONTH flew by!

It’s unbelievable how quickly the first month of Evelyn Faye’s life has passed.  I wanted to do a photo dump and talk a little bit about our experiences the first month as first time parents.


Evelyn Faye

Evelyn, you are an AMAZING sleeper.  You take after your mum.  However, you are particular about how you fall asleep at night.  We have a heating pad under a receiving blanket in the bassinet, and we warm it up before we put you in.  We turn it off after we lay you down, so you don’t cook 🙂  We also have a sound system set up right under your bassinet.  We play “Sounds of the Womb” which is basically white noise with a heart beat.  As long as we stick to your routine: Change you, bed time lotion, swaddle, feed you, heat/sound, you sleep GREAT.  Most nights you sleep in 4 hour blocks, and sometimes you even sleep 6!

Evelyn Faye

How we spend our days.

Evelyn Faye

I love spending every day with you Evelyn Faye.  We don’t leave the house very often, but when we do, it’s a real treat.  I spend most of my time nursing or pumping, which leaves the rest of the time for cuddles.  You take pretty good naps, which is when I do house chores and blogging.  Your company is delightful.

Evelyn Faye

Evelyn Faye (7)


Evelyn Faye (2)

You LOVE music.  I sing you camp songs every day, and you love it.  You love the soft spiritual ones, and you love the fun and peppy ones.  The sound of the guitar is mystical to you.  Your eyes get so wide.  You have a musical seahorse stuffed animal that makes water sounds with lullabies.  We play it every time we change you on the changing table.  It is so calming to you.  You love when daddy plays dubstep while coding.  Mommy doesn’t love it… but you do!

Daddy time.

Evelyn Faye (4)

Daddy is very territorial of you.  When he is home, you are all his.  He has a hard time sharing you!  You are his pride and joy.  He never sets you down.  Most nights he holds you into the wee morning hours, just because he wants to bond with you as much as possible.

Evelyn Faye

Evelyn Faye (18)

Evelyn Faye (13)

He loves to hold you at eye level, and make you dance while listening to Weezer.  You are so alert while you have daddy dance lessons.  He also loves to squish faces with you.

Evelyn Faye (1)


Evelyn Faye

Evelyn Faye (17)

They still aren’t sure about you.  They like to sniff you.  Most of the time they ignore you.  At least they don’t hate you!  We put peanut butter on your feet and let Indy and Buster lick it off.  You seemed really confused by what was going on!  I’m convinced that one day they will finally accept you and cuddle you.


Evelyn Faye

This is your custom made onesie from Marlene.  She whipped this up for you during my baby shower.  Aren’t we grateful for the crafty people in ours lives?  🙂

Every day with you is a fashion show.  You are cutter than one million buttons.  You are much better dressed than your mother.

Evelyn Faye

You are in a phase right now where newborn clothes are too small for you, but 3 month clothes are too big.  You fit pretty well into generic 0-3 onesies, but those are boring.  So I’ve taken it upon myself to spice them up.  Here are a few I’ve made so far, but I’m working on a bunch more.

Evelyn Faye (5)

Tummy time.


At first you HATED tummy time.  You would just scream until you fell asleep.

Evelyn Faye (14)Until we figured out tummy time on the Boppy.  And you’ve never loved anything more.  You’ll do tummy time for hours this way.  Your head, neck and back are getting so strong.  You’ll hold your neck up for quite awhile.  It is adorable.

Evelyn FayeAnd when you’re done with tummy time, we turn you around on the Boppy to lounge, and you are the happiest little camper.

Evelyn Faye (12)

Evelyn Faye

Going out. Evelyn Faye

We’ve just barely been brave enough to start taking you out.  Occasionally we take you when we go out to eat, and you sleep in your carseat with the cover on.  Recently we took you bowling with some friends, and you did SO WELL.  You didn’t fuss, and you loved being passed around.  When the cosmic lights came on, you were so alert.

Evelyn Faye


These 7 weeks have been a dream come true for us.  You are so much fun.  You change and grow every day.  I love being your mom.  You have brought so much joy to our family.

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  1. If I could read about Evelyn Faye every time I’m stuck in a snowstorm in North Carolina I wouldn’t mind being stuck for a few days anywhere. Just a wonderful blog to read. Thank you very much.

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