Healthy Green Dressing Recipe

Before I got pregnant it came to our attention that I had a gluten intolerance.  When I started eating gluten free, it started tremendously helping my PCOS symptoms.  Eating gluten free meant getting creative with food and coming up with new delicious things to avoid food-boredom.

I made this delicious dressing, and it was SO easy.

I put a head of cilantro in the blender, a couple cloves of garlic, a dash of salt, a jar of olive oil mayo, and about 1/4 c water.

Green Dressing Recipe

It took just a few pulses to blend it all together.

Green Dressing Recipe

It is SO yummy.  It tastes a lot like Cafe Rio’s house dressing.  A tablespoon is 50 calories, so not too bad for a creamy dressing.

Green Dressing Recipe

4 thoughts on “Healthy Green Dressing Recipe”

    1. It is soooo good! You would love it! It’s my new favorite on salads. And aren’t those Dino’s cute? Heidi made them the other weekend. Super creative 🙂

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