Finding Forgiveness

I had the TV on this afternoon, while I was feeding Evelyn.  Just background noise.  This program came on and captivated me.  And I know it was not by coincidence.

It pierced my heart.
It was an answer to my prayers.

For the past 5 years, I have been harboring a deep grudge.  It hasn’t held my life back.  I have been able to move forward.  I have a happy life, a wonderful husband, and a miracle baby.  However, there are moments when I look back to 2008-2010 and a hatred poisons me.  I have had very ill feelings when I think of the experiences I went through because of the actions of another.  I have felt wronged and jaded.  I never thought it was fair that this person “got off the hook.”  I wanted justice served.  I have always tried to hold tight to my testimony of The Law Of Compensation, that eventually, through the justice and mercy of The Savior, that all things will be made right (in this life or the next).  But it still has always bothered me.  The fact I never received an apology.  The fact that this person isn’t the slightest bit remorseful.  The fact that I suffered intense emotional damage.  I clung to the atonement for healing.  I’ve prayed so long to be able to let go and not be bothered by this person’s “happy life with no consequence.”

This real life story was exactly what I needed to see and hear.  My heart was touched, and I was in tears.

I know I will never receive an apology.  I know that.  But I know that I can find peace and happiness for the rest of my life.  I don’t need to hate.  I don’t need to feel wronged.  I can forgive.  I can love.

If these people can become a family after such a tragic accident, and find forgiveness in the death of their mother, I know that I can find forgiveness in something trivial in comparison.

Take the time to watch this video.  You might be able to find the strength to forgive.

You’ll never know the miracles that come from giving love.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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