4 Months

I’m a little late on posting this.  Life.

But we sure had a beautiful 4th month with little Ev.

You are the most reverent baby at church.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (4)

The floor is your favorite place in the world.  When you are fussy, you’d rather be laid down on the floor.  You also eat on the floor.  You don’t like to be held too much.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (14)

It is fascinating to watch you grow and learn.  You can hold your bottle by yourself while you eat.  Sometimes you let go and drop it, and you need help finding your mouth.  But you’ve made the connection that it’s food and it goes in your mouth.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (2)

You are getting the hang of play time.  You reach for things and grab things.  You’ve made the mental connection that when you see something, you can reach for it and grab it and hold it.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (3)

You are SO strong.  You can hold a “baby push-up” for about 30 seconds at a time.  Your development seems ahead of the curve in most aspects, based on the generic timelines that are published.  You are usually a couple weeks early than what is expected.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (15)

Having a daughter is so fun.  We get to play dress up every day.  We’re lucky because we get so many of Molly’s hand-me-downs.  There’s never a shortage of clothes!

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (1)

You are so easy to take on outings.  Everyone loves you where we go.  You took your first trip to the motherland (IKEA).

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (6)

Me and grandma got brave and took you and Molly with us to get pedicures.  And everyone at the salon just gobbled you guys up!

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (7)

Sometimes we go and visit daddy during his lunch breaks.  And you are always SO happy to see him.  And he is even happier to see you.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (8)

You give him the best snuggles in the world.  You don’t snuggle anyone half as good as you snuggle your daddy.  It is beautiful to see how much you love him.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (5)

And even more beautiful, is how much he loves you.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (10)

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (13)

Dad was in a skeeball league, so we took you to practice.  And it was cute.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (11)

Each day Buster inches closer and closer to you.

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (9)

You have wiggling down pat.



Being your mama is the best thing I’ve experienced in my life.  My heart explodes with adoration for you Evelyn Faye!

Evelyn Faye 4 Months (12)

3 thoughts on “4 Months”

  1. She is clearly very advanced. Like the holding the bottle thing? Henry still barely gets it. 😉

    But she’s beautiful and awesome as always. Love reading about her. And happy to hear she’s reverant. Important stuff.

  2. I love her to bits! She is so cute I can’t even stand it! The pic where she is posted up on her boppy making that funny face looks just like you in your IBK picture!! i literally laughed out loud when I got to that one! <3 Ya know, we are having another girl… so ya know… if you wanted to uh… hand me down some awesomeness…. I wouldn't object… 😉

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