Evelyn Faye 11 Months

Evelyn Faye!  You are a verb.  ALWAYS MOVING.

And you are anything but boring.  Your personality is hilarious.  You constantly have us laughing.

You walk.  You run.  You dance.  You climb.  You whistle.  YES, YOU WHISTLE!

You’ve actually been whistling since you were about 8 months.  You discovered it on accident.  Your lips happened to be in that shape, and you breathed, and it made a sound!  You thought it was hilarious.  You’ve randomly done it since then, and we’ve never been able to catch a video of it.  You’re at the point now where we can coax you into whistling, and you know what to do to make the noise.  It’s the funniest thing.  You think so too.  You always smile and laugh after you do it.

You have grown really attached to blankets.  You like to drag them everywhere with you.  It’s not necessarily any particular blanket.  You don’t care which one you have, as long as you have one.




You also love to rearrange furniture if it’s not too heavy for you.  You push your high chair, the bar stools, the kitchen chairs, the dining room chairs, the coffee table… etc.  Of course, while holding your blankie.


You’ve discovered boxes, and how cool they are.  And that is wonderful to me.  I feel like there’s nothing more imaginative than playing with a box!


This past month you had to have ear-tube surgery.  You were getting constant ear infections, and you were so miserable.  The hospital staff was so sweet to you, and you handled everything like a champ.  You did so great during all the prep.  I didn’t expect you to do well.  You didn’t even cry once.


After the surgery, things immediately improved for you.  You FINALLY were able to start sleeping the whole night consistently.  You could finally eat a whole bottle all at once.  It’s amazing how much your demeanor changed once you weren’t in constant pain anymore.


You have figured out how to sit and rock in your little rocking chair Grandpa Burton made you.  You love to scoot it around and find the perfect place to sit.


Stairs are your favorite thing.  You are lightning fast going up them.  But, you don’t like to come down them.  The concept of going backwards doesn’t jive with you.  You always try to go forward down the stairs.  Luckily we’re always there to catch you.


You will never snuggle and take naps with me.  Only daddy.  You two are the cutest best friends I’ve ever seen.



Christmas has been really magical for you.  Even though you don’t understand yet, you are taking in all the magic, and the wonder reflects in your eyes.



You loved watching daddy hang the Christmas lights outside your window.  I’m pretty certain that you wanted to be out on the roof with him, helping.


Let’s talk about your hair for a second, Evelyn Faye.  It is out of control!  The back is SO curly.  But after you sleep on it, it gets so nappy and tangly.  We have to put lotion in your hair every day to tame it, otherwise it is all over the place.  You didn’t get it from me or dad.  Both of our hair is straight straight straight.


Pre-tamed, out of control hair:


Whenever we take the puppies outside, you always wait by the door.  You love them SO much.  You also love to squish your face against the glass.

You say “doggie” all the time.  You love playing with them.  You love everything about them.  You love when we come home because letting the dogs out of their crate is your favorite.  You learned how to undo the latch all on your own.   (excuse the messy dog-room)

Evelyn, I love you and your daddy so much.  (and your little baby fetus sister too!)  The closer we get to your first birthday, the more emotional I get.  I feel like I’ve known you forever.  You’ve never been a stranger to me.  I KNOW we knew each other before this life.  I love being around you.  I love learning from you.  I have a feeling that you’re going to be constantly teaching me lessons for the rest of my life.  And I am most definitely up for it.



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  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! The whistling, the blanket dragging, the naps with daddy, opening the dog crate. What a cutie!!! These updates make we so excited for Kendall’s next stage 🙂 keep them coming 🙂

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