Ruby June’s Birthday (4/15/15)

My pregnancy with Ruby was in a lot of ways very different from Evelyn’s.

It went by extremely fast!  I think that was due to being busy with Evelyn, and being busy with Real Estate.  I have had my busiest real estate year yet!  We also didn’t have a name picked out.  We had a long list, and some strong contenders, but nothing was decided.  We called her “Tiny.”  Toward the end of pregnancy, the doctors were a little worried about Tiny.  She was measuring small.  They predicted she was only going to be around 5 lbs.  My amniotic fluid was low also.  We did NSTs twice a week to make sure her heart was strong, and it was.

Time To Pop

I was scheduled to be induced April 15th.  They told us to be ready to go by 6:00 AM.  A huge storm had moved in that night.  It was blizzarding like crazy.  It reminded me of the April snowstorm that happened the morning of mine and Aaron’s wedding.

April Snow

The hospital called us and said that the storm sent many women into labor, and there wasn’t room for us at the hospital yet, so we needed to wait.  It was really frustrating, and there was a lot of sitting around.  My mom and dad were here so they could be with Evelyn when she woke up.  She woke up, and we were still at the house.  Everyone was eating breakfast, except me.  Finally at 9 AM they told us to come check in to Labor & Delivery.

They were trying to get my IV in, and really struggling.  They couldn’t find a good vein.  On the third try, they thought they had it, and started giving me fluids, however, it was just going into tissue, which ended up being REALLY painful for the next few days.  For me, getting the IV is the worst part of labor.

I didn’t feel very good this day.  I was extremely nauseous, and I had a high temperature.  They were almost going to just pump me with fluids and send me home.  I begged them to let me stay, and Dr Anders agreed.

Things moved pretty quickly.  I had my water broken around 11, and the epidural shortly after.  I took a nap, and things kept going quick.  I really wanted cupcakes!  So bad!

I could tell Tiny was ready to come out, and I was ready to push.  They checked me, and I had when they called an anterior lip- and I was dilated to 9 3/4.  They gave me a little bit more time to get to a 10.  Finally we got there.  I was feeling extremely nauseous and weak.  This is going to embarrass me so bad, but I sang Katy Perry’s “Roar” to myself over and over to help me focus, and she came out with just a couple good pushes.  She was definitely not 5 lbs!  She was a healthy 7 lbs 2 oz.  She was so healthy and perfect.  I got to snuggle her and hold her for so long before they took her to be cleaned.


While they were cleaning her, I got really sick and started to throw up, and had very heavy bleeding.  They kept me in the L&D room for over 2 hours to make sure they could get it under control.  I was feeling pretty miserable.  But that eventually wore off, and I had my healthy Ruby June in my arms!

Family pic

The techs were obsessed with Ruby.  I’m pretty sure she was their favorite baby.  We got lots of cards and extra goodies for her.


My whole pregnancy had been filled with anxiety about having two kids, and not knowing what to expect.  I think part of me was in denial and that’s why we had such a hard time selecting a name.  However, the moment I laid eyes on Ruby June all of my fear went away.  I was overcome with so much peace and assurance that she was absolutely meant to be a part of our family.  I didn’t know how I had lived my life up to the moment never knowing her.  Our souls were immediately connected.  I recognized her as I stared into her beautiful eyes (which were WIDE open right after she was born).


Ruby June made me feel more whole that I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

11146271_436210469889838_2754178991518864470_n (1)

Welcome to our team Ruby June Crowder.  You’ll be the one who keeps up grounded and humble.





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  1. Sitting here sobbing like a child. I’ve had a rough couple of days (NOTHING compared to what you have had, I’m sure) I just keep asking heavenly father “why?” but your family is so wonderful and so… perfect. I want what you guys have. You are all so motivating and inspiration. Welcome to our Ohana, Ruby June.

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