My two Loves

I don’t write poetry very often anymore. I actually used to write a lot more than I do now. Things sorta flipped with Kenz and I when we started to get busier with our house, my advancing career, and having a baby.

While she began to write more and more and more, I fizzled out. I’d like to say it’s because I didn’t have the time to write, but that wouldn’t be true. The fact is that I just didn’t make the time.

Kenz has been encouraging me to make the time and pick it up again. So tonight I sat down at my desk and wrote a poem. I was nervous to inflict it upon the world, but Kenz has assured me that it’s not the worst form of torture know to mankind. So without further adieu, here it is.

My two Loves

The love I feel for you sweet dear,
is rivaled by but one.
Though none could ever pass you by,
she is almost next-to-none.

You are the one who makes me fly,
you give me my own wings.
Because of you I float above,
my biggest shortcomings.

Her precious smile is big and wide,
her giggle loud and clear.
She makes me want to do my best,
to wipe away her tears.

I love you both so very much,
I give you both my life.
She is the one I call Daughter,
but you my dear are Wife.


I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.
Forrest Gump

Forrest wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither am I. We’re all born with an innate understanding of what Love is. The difference is that Forrest didn’t lose that understanding over time. His mind wasn’t clouded with what the world wants you to think Love is.

The world portrays Love most frequently as lust. Lustful feelings can often be confused with Love in the moment. However there are a few key differences that I want to highlight here.


  • Love is Selfless, lust is selfish
  • Love changes us for the better, lust entrenches us in our bad habbits
  • Love allows us to have a greater understanding of those we truly love, lust only clouds our thoughts and makes us judgemental
  • Love gives us courage, lust makes us cowards

I thought that I understood Love when I married my wife. I thought I understood it when I found out she was pregnant. I even thought I understood it when our sweet daughter was born.

It wasn’t until very recently that I came to understand this last thing about Love:

  • Love grows over time, lust diminishes every day

This is what Forrest understood that most of us don’t. His Love for Jenny grew consistently every single day because he allowed it to. He nurtured it’s growth. He understood that you get out of Love what you put into it. This is something that Jenny didn’t come to understand until she was near the end of her life.

My hope is that those close to me can come to understand and embrace this truth so that they may come to know the pure joy that comes along with it.

Impatiently Waiting

Dearest Evelyn,

Your Mom is scheduled to be induced on the 23rd of December and we’re just counting down the time until then. We had hoped that you would come sooner since we don’t want your birthday to be so close to Christmas. I guess you’re just too comfortable! Hopefully labor won’t last too long, or else you’ll be born on Christmas Eve.

We are so excited to meet you. We have been preparing and trying to get everything all ready and nice. The nursery is put together, the pack-n-play is ready, and we are just hanging out. How boring!

The biggest thing we’ve learned though, through all of this, has been to have faith in the Lords plan and in His timing. Your Mom and I are very much “go-getters”. We like to set goals and make plans. We like to get things done. Everything about this pregnancy has been so out of our control. We had to patiently wait to even GET pregnant with you. And now that we are so ready to just bring you into this life and to hold you in our arms we are once again reminded that we must be patient. We must wait on the Lord’s timing and plan.

That is probably some of the best advice I could give to you. Patiently wait upon the Lord. Not to say that you shouldn’t do things, but have the wisdom to know when things are out of your control.

We already love you SO much Evelyn. I can’t wait to meet you! Get here soon!




The title of this post does little to convey my feelings right now, but hopefully I can explain myself a little better. Let me start at the beginning of this tale.

Once upon a time a husband and a wife bought the Green Meadow Manor. With DIY dreams they started tearing into projects. After scrimping and saving for almost a year and a half they finally had the money to do their big renovation: the KITCHEN.

This husband and wife settled on an IKEA kitchen. This would help cut costs, and because IKEA had a delivery service, a contracted installation service, and a countertop service they would have to suffer very little inconvenience. Or so they thought.

Things started to get iffy when the delivery guys were several hours late to deliver all the bobs and bits. As they unloaded piece after piece for this new kitchen the house started to fill up with IKEA boxes that had yet-to-be-assembled cabinets we started to notice a few damaged boxes. No worries they thought, we’ll just take those parts back to IKEA to be replaced. Things get damaged in shipping all the time so this is normal.

Well, those things got replaced just fine and all was right with the world. However, once the installers started to open boxes they found more damaged goods. That pile got bigger and bigger every day of the install too. After 4 runs back and forth to IKEA the kitchen cabinets were installed ahead of schedule and the countertops were on their way! It was frustrating to have so many damaged pieces but the husband and wife rolled with the punches.

Finally, after over a month without a functioning kitchen (granite counter tops take a while to get ordered in apparently) the couple were excited to have their plumber coming to put the last touches on the project (hook up the sink, dishwasher, and fridge). In preparation for the plumber, the husband decided to unbox the dishwasher for him the night before… and this is where I got so frustrated tonight.

I pulled the box off the dishwasher and after a quick inspection I found that it was dented quite badly in front. Now, this box was unloaded off the truck weeks previously and sat motionless on our floor until tonight. I didn’t want to unbox it earlier because I didn’t want it to be damaged. Go figure.

Here’s my tweet about it from earlier:

I know IKEA will replace it. The problem is that now I have my plumber coming out first thing in the morning and he won’t have a dishwasher to hook up. He can stub it out for me though and I can hook it up once we get the replacement from IKEA. It’s just such a hassle to have to load it up myself and take it down there.

So yeah, I would say I’m pretty frustrated.

Little Lemon

Dear Lemon (That’s how big you are now),

I wish I had more words to write. I don’t really have many. Tonight you went to your first rodeo (well, WE went to the rodeo, but it was so loud I’m sure you could hear it). It was fun, but we left early because it was so crowded and hot.

This past week your Mom and I have been enjoying swimming in our new pool. I think you have been too because your mom hasn’t been as comfortable as I’ve seen her in that pool since we got back from Disneyland and found out we were pregnant. It’s weird to think about the prospect of being your dad. I just can’t picture it. I know that I have been feeling more ambitious lately though.

I got a new job recently so that your mom can stay home with you and not have to worry about going back to work. That is awesome. It’s more pressure than any other job I’ve ever had (my gray hair can attest to that), but it’s good. There are lots of good things about the job too, like more money, more perks, and good coworkers.

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Two little Alarm Clocks

We have two alarm clocks. Some people call them dogs, but most days I call them “our little alarm clocks”.

Indy the Alarm Clock

Buster the Alarm Clock

In the interest of full disclosure though, Indy is a much better Alarm Clock. I shouldn’t really be the one telling you about this though, Kenz is the one they always wake up. And once she’s up, they’re back to sleep.

Sleeping Alarm Clocks

Once Kenz is up, she can’t go back to sleep. Instead, she blogs! We have a good couple of alarm clocks 🙂

Hi, We’re new

Cheesecake Factory
Food was good, but the highlight will always be Cheesecake

Rather, I’M new.

Kenz and I decided last week that Tuesday every week we would have date night. Tonight was that night. We had planned for the past couple of days to go to the Cheesecake factory because we love Cheesecake and neither of us have ever been.

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