You Don’t Need Children To Be A Mom

In August we decided to let 3 of our best friends move into the basement.

1- We love them.
2- They needed places to live.
3- We wanted to put their rent money towards our adoption fund.

Many people advised against it.  They said it would be a strain on our marriage.  They said it would ruin our friendships with them.  They said it would be horrible.  They were wrong.

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And This Whole Time I Thought I Was Just Mean…

What It’s Like Being An INTJ

Aaron tells me I was stuck up in high school.  Which hurts my feelings.  I wasn’t stuck up.  I just liked to keep to myself.  I enjoyed alone time.  I liked hanging out with my best friends, but I didn’t like parties.  I was a natural leader (student gov, orchestra, tennis, church), but sometimes “anti-social.”  I was a walking contradiction.  I wasn’t shy, but It took me a long time to make friends.  No “fast friends” ever happened.  I didn’t like small talking with people.  I liked going to bed early.  I hate lingering.  I am an open book when people ask.  But if people don’t ask, don’t expect a lot out of me.  I never thought I was a brat, but it’s clear I was observed that way.

1-4% of the population is just like me.  And our personality is defined as INTJ.

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