I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.
Forrest Gump

Forrest wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and neither am I. We’re all born with an innate understanding of what Love is. The difference is that Forrest didn’t lose that understanding over time. His mind wasn’t clouded with what the world wants you to think Love is.

The world portrays Love most frequently as lust. Lustful feelings can often be confused with Love in the moment. However there are a few key differences that I want to highlight here.


  • Love is Selfless, lust is selfish
  • Love changes us for the better, lust entrenches us in our bad habbits
  • Love allows us to have a greater understanding of those we truly love, lust only clouds our thoughts and makes us judgemental
  • Love gives us courage, lust makes us cowards

I thought that I understood Love when I married my wife. I thought I understood it when I found out she was pregnant. I even thought I understood it when our sweet daughter was born.

It wasn’t until very recently that I came to understand this last thing about Love:

  • Love grows over time, lust diminishes every day

This is what Forrest understood that most of us don’t. His Love for Jenny grew consistently every single day because he allowed it to. He nurtured it’s growth. He understood that you get out of Love what you put into it. This is something that Jenny didn’t come to understand until she was near the end of her life.

My hope is that those close to me can come to understand and embrace this truth so that they may come to know the pure joy that comes along with it.

Little Lemon

Dear Lemon (That’s how big you are now),

I wish I had more words to write. I don’t really have many. Tonight you went to your first rodeo (well, WE went to the rodeo, but it was so loud I’m sure you could hear it). It was fun, but we left early because it was so crowded and hot.

This past week your Mom and I have been enjoying swimming in our new pool. I think you have been too because your mom hasn’t been as comfortable as I’ve seen her in that pool since we got back from Disneyland and found out we were pregnant. It’s weird to think about the prospect of being your dad. I just can’t picture it. I know that I have been feeling more ambitious lately though.

I got a new job recently so that your mom can stay home with you and not have to worry about going back to work. That is awesome. It’s more pressure than any other job I’ve ever had (my gray hair can attest to that), but it’s good. There are lots of good things about the job too, like more money, more perks, and good coworkers.

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